Majestic MPPT Solar Charge Controller - 40 Amp SCCMPPT40

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MPPT Solar & Wind Charge Controller - 40 Amp

With many people installing solar panels not only in the RV’s, Caravans and motor homes, but also their Trucks and Eco Homes, Majestic has found that many of the Solar Controllers don’t perform as well as they should or could. Therefore the engineering team at Majestic has developed a range of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers that regulate the solar power to perfectly match your battery needs without the harsh inputs to help protect your sensitive electronics from spikes and electrical noise.

The Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers are specially engineered to give your batteries the best possible charge, whilst maintaining an algorithm which is gentle for sensitive electronics. This ensures that your batteries are not only getting the best possible charge whilst your electronics are not going to be exposed to harsh electrical transients.

The Majestic 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller SCCMPPT40 is engineered so that it monitors the Solar Panel generating power, and then it tracks the highest voltage and current values in real time, this enables the Majestic 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller to charge the battery with maximum power. The MPPT Solar Charge Controller has an LCD Screen which dynamically displays the status of the operating parameters, controllers logs, control parameters and much more. The user can easily check the parameter settings and using the touch buttons easily adjust for various system requirements, it is designed to be easily controlled.

Feature packed the Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers provide four stage of charge: Sustaining Charge, Boost Charge, Float Charging and Equalizing Charging to ensure maximum battery life. Combined with intelligent LED Light controls to let you know the charging status. The Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers are the ultimate addition to your solar system.

Engineered with advance software and hardware the Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers use dual-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, so when the solar panel is partially shadowed or part of the panel does not work, this results in multiple peaks on the charge curve, the Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers are able to accurately track the maximum power point to ensure you get the best possible charge.

Using the latest in state of the art technology the Majestic SCCMPPT Solar Charge Controllers use a special algorithm to enhance the maximum power point and therefore improve the energy efficiency of the solar panels which raises the charging efficiency by 15% to 20% compared to conventional PWM Chargers.

The MPPT tracking efficiency is as high as 99.9% which gives you almost maximum power transfer from your solar panels to the Solar Charge Controller. This means that your are getting the best possible performance from your solar panels to the Solar Charge Controller, the better quality solar panels the better the charge rate.


  • Accessories Supplied: Controller and Manual
  • Color: Black
  • Current Draw @ 12 Volts: 40 Amp Max
  • Dimensions: HxWxD With Stand 210 x 51 x 59.5mm
  • IP32 Protection
  • Auto Sensing 12V or 24V
  • Voltage Range: Input Voltage Max 75V




(No reviews yet) Write a Review